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Recent advancements in 3D printing hardware has made it a viable manufacturing option to many business. The design freedom, reliability as well as the reduced cost of development and manufacturing, were all made possible by industrial 3D printers. Today Industrial 3D printers offer high print quality, reliability, and cost savings.
3D Printing hardware can be divided to five groups based on their printing process.

  • The most common type is the Fused Deposition Modeling FDM where the parts are made by extruding melting material, layer by layer. These printers are common and offer a popular solution to many professionals.
  • SLA printers offers high resolution, precision and material versatility. It uses laser in a process called photo polymerization to hardened specially formulated resin.
  • SLS printers used high powered laser beam to fuse special polymer particle powder into the desired model.
  • Material Jetting 3D printers works in a similar method to a traditional office printer but instead of ink it uses droplets of photopolymer material to produce the part.
  • Metal 3D printers offer metal parts and may work like FDM printer or SLS method to produce strong metal parts.

Advanced 3D (CAD/CAM) design software integrated the additive manufacturing solutions as one of its production methods offering new capabilities never before possible in the traditional production methods. Just as importantly, specialized 3D Print workflow software alternatives enables engineers to gain full control over the manufacturing process.

New 3D print materials are available to meet any industrial challenge. Wide range of available options is now available from engineering grade thermoplastics capable of withstanding high stress to high temperatures, composite materials offering great strength to weight ratio to rigid metal prints.

3D technologies

The industry 3D printing opens up a new set of manufacturing options never before possible. 3D print technology offers innovation at a lower cost, and rapid development, never before possible to business in a wide variety of industries. Advancement in the industrial 3D hardware, software and materials revolutionized business by making the technology suitable for real End-use parts & products.

Advanced 3D software has made great stride by giving advanced solutions to engineers and product developers the total control required for reliable and lean production. Wide range of 3D Printable material helped expend the reach of 3D printing solutions into many markets by offering printable options from engineering grade thermoplastics, composite materials to rigid metal prints.

Ballistic-Bit 3D Printing Solutions

Ballistic-bit is an Israeli leading provider of industrial line 3D printers and additive manufacturing solutions. We offer solutions from engineering-grade thermoplastics such as PEEK, ULEM (PEI), and PPSU, composites with continuous fiber, to rigid metal parts.

Our wide selection of printers is capable of satisfying demands of any industry. From the large format metal 3d printer to the massively large format Massivit printers line, the specialized 3NTR printers with their rich material options or the ANISOPRINT Composite 3D printer to the ATMAT & BUILDER.

Ballistic-bit understand the importance of a seamless workflow, to answer real production needs we offer an eco system from the management software via additive manufacturing & with Postprocess to achieve production goals.

Ballistic-Bit, offers 24/7 support, robust knowledge base access to all clients with their most challenging production challenges.

Whether you’re running a factory production line or making functional limited-number parts in your garage, we're here to help you master production of high-temperature functional 3D printing for your business.


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