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Industrial Applications of 3D Printing

Industrial Applications of 3D Printing for any sector

Ballistic bit, a leading provider of professional additive manufacturing solutions, based in Israel, delivers hardware, software, and materials at an industrial manufacturing level. We offer a wide spectrum of solutions geared to meet any industrial challenge our customers may face. Ballistic-Bit is fully industry 4.0 compliant, serving a wide industrial range, including:

3D printing in Civil Engineering
3D printing in Medical
- 3D printing in Defence
- 3D printing for Education
- 3D printing for Architecture & 3D printing in Design
- 3D printing for Air & Space industry
- 3D printing in Automotive industry

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A state-of-the-art demo room is available at the based location, offering a first-hand experience of our 3D printers, 3D Materials, and post-processing equipment. Our printers are on display from the large format industrial 3D printers to the modest-sized printers, capable of printing a wide variety of materials from continuous carbon composites to metal and polymers.

As part of pre-sales Ballistic-Bit conducts a deep examination of the specific client needs so a specifically tailored and optimized solution can be offered to the client. This may include a meeting with an application engineer to specify the production needs. Next, a report is generated, describing the recommended solution, including benchmark, production data, and ROI document.

Ballistic Bit additive manufacturing solutions offerings are backed by manufacturers such as AnisoprintBuilder and ATMAT. We are capable of tailoring customized additive manufacturing solutions to many industries in terms of size, 3D material, and post-production Process.

Ballistic-Bit is fully committed to the success of its client by offering them full access to a 3D Ecosystem of experience and knowledge, covering the entire range of 3D additive manufacturing, from the design stage throughout the production stages and the final post process. For a continuous uninterrupted production at the client site, ballistic-bit stocks a large inventory of spare parts as well as 24/7 on customer site support assuring an uninterrupted production schedule.

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