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Israel Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing Center for the Israeli Market

Ballistic-Bit, a leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions for manufacturing technology, uniquely stands committed to the success of its clients. What sets Ballistic-Bit apart is its capacity to offer 24/7 support as well as manufacturing knowledge and experience, assuring clients' success.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions
Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Additive Printing Solutions - Seamless workflow form early product concept to final production.

TPU material
TPU 3D Printing Material Benefits

TPU Filament for 3D printing - TPU 3D printing is a flexible (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), soft printing material best suited for consumer as well as industrial markets.

Composite Materials
Composite Materials

3D Composites Materials Printing Technology - While the benefits of 3D additive printing are well known in the world of design and prototyping, most FDM 3D printers, unfortunately, fail to offer strong and durable solution ready to withstand the rigid and at times, abusive industrial applications.

Ecosystem solution
Ballistic-bit Industrial end-to-end Ecosystem solution

Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem - The Israeli additive manufacturing arena is rapidly evolving, while shifting its focus Industry 4.0 standards right at local manufacturers.

3d printing prototype
3D Printing Prototype Robotics Drones by Anisoprint

TSURU Robotics, international research, and development firm dedicated to developing full-stack robotics drones picked Anisoprint as a solution in 3D printing a prototype.

3D Printed Bolt
Large Format 3D Printing benefits

Large format FDM 3D printers are affordable, easy to maintain, and can accelerate rapid prototyping, print specialized tooling, and end-user products at real world scale.

Carbon fiber 3d printer
3D Printing Carbon Fiber 2022 Guide

In the ever evolving world of 3D printing the integration of carbon fiber material, is becoming an attractive solution to many application in wide varieties of markets. Carbon fiber 3D printing allows engineers to produce very strong and lightweight parts.

3D Printing Solutions
3D Printing Solutions By Ballistic-Bit

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing is a transformative approach to industrial manufacturing that enables the production of more complex, lighter and stronger parts or systems than was possible using traditional manufacturing methods.

3D Control System
Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software
- powered by AI & ML

Any product manager in charge of a mixed technology production facility is well aware of the numerous challenges he/she must face every day.

ABB Italia
ABB Italia: The internal equipment is printed in 3D

Imagine empty offices and empty warehouses. It is night time, and the factories seem to be resting in the twilight. In one area of the complex, however, there is a subtle and constant hum. Some LEDs betray the presence of someone, of something that works, incessantly, optimizing times and transforming nights and weekends into productive moments.

3ntr 3d printers
3NTR Review: Professional 3D printers

We, at Ballistic-Bit, are committed to offering our clients the widest and most comprehensive lineup of professional 3D printers.

Large 3D printing for Museum exhibition design
How to enter the world of museum exhibition designs

Printers are helping museum curators bring their exhibition designs to life with large-format 3D printing. The reason is the benefits that 3D printing offers for unique projects compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Cost savings and quick response times are just two of the many benefits of large 3D printing.

3D sculpture
Metropole's secret to getting more print jobs

Pay close attention to the video above. Why? Because when Paris's most famous expert in OOH advertising speaks up it's worth listening to. Sometimes these are actions that speak louder than words: Metropole acquired two Massivit large format 3D printers, and in no time a flood of orders arrived and the machines have become a key driver for getting more print jobs.  We bought the printer to show that we can go the extra mile and make dreams come true explained Associate Director Denise Zanet . It worked. Customers come back again and again. Now Metropole has 40 different 3D projects on the table at any given time.

If you're ready to open up a new revenue stream, let's talk about how large-format 3D printing can help.

3D Printing Company
Update your 3D printer with the Plan Renove de Excelencia-Tech 

At Ballistic-Bit we offer the possibility of renewing your current 3D printer with an Anisoprint Composer with unique and exclusive advantages of Anisoprinting technology.

metal 3D
Excelence-Tech becomes an official distributor of VELO 3D

We incorporate Velo 3D to our catalog.

The details of the collaboration between our company and Velo 3D have recently been finalized; Since this week, Excellence-Tech becomes the first European agent for the American brand in Europe. 

Velo 3D will land in Europe this September by the hand of Excellence-Tech, which will increase to seven the brands it sells to national, national and European.

3D printing for custom production
KLM Engine Services, 3D printing for custom production

KLM Engine Services now has a custom 3D printed splash screen. This fits perfectly with the original part and can be used many times during coating instead of the original taping method that must be manually attached and removed each time.

Builder 3D Printers
Tallest 3D-printed Empire State Building in the world: 1.8m high

Builder 3D Printers is known for the Builder Extreme range, a range of affordable but professional large 3D printers, and has focused on the European market.

Electric car 3D Prototype
The electric dream of Le Mans

Never before has a fully electric car completed the 24 Hours of Le Mans. According to the InMotionstudent team, this must change and that is why they presented their prototype that wants to revolutionize the professional automotive market. This latest prototype is expected to participate in the last car stress test in 2023. 

3D Sign
NIKE project in Dubai

Nike recently opened its largest store in the world, which is located in Dubai, at the Dubai Mall. The store is 68,000 square feet and offers an incredible view of the Dubai Fountains and Burj Khalifa. 

3ntr's 3D printing solutions
3NTR uses 3D printing to bring the Aero helmet to market - Momodesign

In the world of mobility, the Italian company Momodesign has made a distinctive mark. First founded in the early 1980s, the company has become the benchmark in the field of urban bike, electric bike, helmet and accessory design.

rapid prototyping
Triceratops 3D printing
Naturalis reconstructs dinosaur skeletons with large format 3D printing

With Builder's 3D technology, the realism of our products amazes in museums and exhibitions 

Airplane seat 3D model
Airplane seat 3D model

Support for the composite aircraft seat, lighter than steel and with the same resistance

Large format 3d-printing
Witness the speed of large format 3D printing

In a 1 minute video, you will see how quickly MLB, the best Korean sports fashion brand, was able to print a giant baseball player.  to see it, click here

Retail Advertising Trends 2020
Retail Advertising Trends You Need To Know

What are the hottest retail trends driving us into 2020? Why are major brands like Amazon and Nike pushing physical locations again? And how can printers take advantage of these trends? 

promo vehicles
3D printing for promo vehicles

Fleet charts are everywhere, but they could get lost on roads increasingly saturated with messages.

Using 3D applications to create a "Mouth-Ear"

large format 3D campaign displays and accessories are currently playing a vital role in creating a stir for mainstream brands such as Sony Pictures, Burger King, and Louis Vuitton.

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