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Tallest 3D-printed Empire State Building in the world: 1.8m high

Builder 3D Printers is known for the Builder Extreme range, a range of affordable but professional large 3D printers, and has focused on the European market.

When Builder announced that it will begin offering the Builder Extreme range to US companies, with their exclusive dealer Dynamism Inc in Chicago, they have been 3D printing an iconic Empire State Building to showcase the capabilities of the machine.

Tallest 3D-printed Empire State Building

At its dazzling 1800mm height, the 3D printed Empire State Building, printed in the Extreme 2000, is the tallest 3D printed Empire State Building ever created. The Empire State Building was 3D printed with 0.4 nozzle, 0.3mm layer height, weighs 15kg and 3D printed non-stop. Why not use a bigger mouthpiece? The Extreme comes with a 0.4, 0.8, and 1.2mm counterpart. 

Not only was the Empire State Building chosen because it is a well-known symbol of the city, but there are also many details in the building. In the following video, you can see the final result of the tallest 3D printed Empire State Building in the world.

Builder Extreme 2000

Our Builder Extreme 2000 is one of the largest FDM 3D printers available today. Despite its large print volume, there is no loss of print quality, not even at the top. With a print volume of 700 x 700 x 1820 mm (XYZ), it is considered the perfect 3D printer for 3D prototyping, statues and really tall buildings.

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