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3D print materials

Materials for 3D Printing

To ensure ultimate performance and production quality, we provide a range of engineering-grade 3D printing materials.

The penetration of 3D Additive Manufacturing technology into the mainstream of the manufacturing process, is possible by the availability of diversified 3D Print Materials.

In order to achieve their design goals, engineers can choose from a wide array of optimized materials to meet challenges, while achieving striking visual impact. 3D printing allows designers to fully express their vision in the look and feel of the finished products. 3D Print materials can be as soft as rubber or rigid as metal, withstand high temperature and offer outstanding strength using by composite material, yielding outstanding power to weight ratio.

Ballistic Bit is proud to offer engineering grade 3D Print material, complying with toughest industry requirement, assuring high performance and reliable production quality. Ballistic-Bit is even able to tailor specific material formulation, per customer unique demands.

Ballistic-Bit offers 3D print materials:

  • CCF materials (Composite Carbon Fiber) and CBF (Composite Basalt Fiber) 30 times stiffer and stronger than normal plastic. An exceptionally strong material used in a variety of end user applications where exceptional strength, chemical and thermal resistance is required.
  • PC-ABS 3D Filament for high impact and thermal resistance. This blend of the best features found in polycarbonate and ABS material yield heat resistance polycarbonate and flexural strength of ABS, offering height impact resistance of any FDM plastic. Perfect fit for functional prototyping, rugged tooling and production parts.
  • Polypropylene 3D Filament with improved impact resistance and minimal shrinkage. An all-round material with good resistance to chemicals and very good fatigue resistance allowing it to retain its shape despite high torsion forces. Its hydrophobic characteristics makes it ideal for cleaning and food storage as well as high impact resistance and electrical insulation.
  • TPU 3D Printing 70A and TPU 95A 3D Filament for medium and soft applications. A flexible material featuring high thermal resistance high impact and abraton resistance. Compared with other 3D print material, TPU filament does not suffer from thermal shock warping as is common in 3D stiffer 3D prints materials.
  • PETG Polymer for food contact and good tensile strength. A high chemical and impact resistance transparency and ductility good thermal stability.
  • ASA offering UV resistance. High impact, UV resistance material used for functional parts for automotive applications, electronic and tooling. A good ABS alternative where UV resistance id needed.
  • ELASTO 85 / 95 for vibration dampening, mild gasketing requirements, tool grips, scratchproof jigs. Perfect choice for prototyping that will bend, stretch compress and hold for repeated use without tearing.
  • ZWAX perfect for lost wax (aka micro casting). Capable of high resolution printing for fine details with exceptional sharp edges and fine definition for greater geometric freedom.
  • IGLIDUR excellent Tribologic (aka: low friction) properties. High abrasion resistance with good mechanical properties, easy to print.
  • Glass + with better heat resistance and electrical insulation capabilities. A nylon based 3D filament possessing higher thermal and mechanical performance. Excellent for electrical insulation.
  • CBF 15 times stiffer and stronger than normal plastic.
  • Nylon+ based material Ideal for prototyping with outstanding surface quality made especially to be used with Anisoprint Composer A4/A3. This filament features low moisture absorption and resists wrapping.
  • SMOOTH PA plastic specially formulated by Polymaker for the perfect surface quality and ease of use.

At Ballistic-Bit, we are not just committed 24/7 to the quality of our product but the entire production chain of our clients. This includes our full line of 3d Print materials as well as custom material creation to suit any engineering challenge a client faces.

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