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3D Printing Solutions By Ballistic-Bit

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing (Additive Printing Solutions) is a transformative approach to industrial manufacturing that enables the production of more complex, lighter and stronger parts or systems than was possible using traditional manufacturing methods. It is an industrial revolution made possible by the transition from analogy to digital processes.

Comparing Additive to Traditional Manufacturing

While in traditional manufacturing it is necessary to remove materials through processes such as milling, curving or shaping, AM solutions include 3D printers and data computer aided design (CAD) software to create objects layer by layer in very precise geometric shapes.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Additive Manufacturing

Although Additive Manufacturing has been around for several decades, only in recent years the technology has made a significant progress and the Covid-19 pandemic further uncovered its potential in enabling rapid 3D prototyping, efficient production and speed to market of medical equipment.

Israel 3D Printing

Ballistic-Bit Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Ballistic-Bit is a leading Israeli 3D provider of Additive Manufacturing solutions that have the potential to turn on its head the traditional manufacturing process as we know it by enhancing design freedom, reducing materials and operational costs, and shortening time to market. Our solutions include hardware, software, materials, and workflow management solutions for large scale production that makes the process more efficient and environment friendly.

Ballistic-bit customers enjoy the following benefits:

Our Customers Enjoy the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Benefits

The demand for using Additive Manufacturing methods in various industries such as the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Energy, Education, R&D, and Architecture to name a few is growing fast as it offers a wide range of benefits when comparing it to traditional methods.

We at Ballistic-bit also offer training sessions and technical support by experts to ensure our customers innovation and success.

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Fast design and production

3D printers can print parts and objects within hours which is much faster than moulded or machined parts and the whole design and prototyping process is much shorter:

  • Flexible design - 3D printing enables the design and print of more complex objects than in traditional manufacturing and tailor the production solutions to the exact requirements of the specific system. Depends on the characteristics if the specific industry and system - closed printers use only materials offered by the manufacturer while open-source printers that are usually the choice in the R&D sector, enable the freedom to select print parameters and work with new materials.
  • Strong and lightweight parts - The main 3D printing material is thermoplastic which is much lighter than its metal equivalent. This is particularly important in aerospace and automotive industries where lightweight plays a significant role.
  • Minimising waste - In 3D printing the production of parts only requires the materials needed for the part itself with little or no waste as compared to traditional methods which use large chunks of non- recyclable materials.
  • Cost Effective - 3D printing saves time and therefore the costs associated with the time required for the manufacturing of parts, tools, prototypes and final objects and systems.
    It also reduces the human labour required since most of the production is automated so there is a reduced need for human operators.
  • Ease of access - 3D printers become more and more accessible among local service providers or even in house. This saves time and transport costs when compared to traditional manufacturing.
  • 3D Print on demand - There is no need in a lot of space to stock parts inventory as in traditional manufacturing and the 3D design files are all stored in a virtual library. This means they can be located and printed only when they are needed.


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