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3NTR A4sp 3D Printer

A super compact, Industrial standard workhorse, made to fit on your desktop.

The NTR3sp 3D is an industrial printer designed to produce professional output yet compact enough to sit on a desk. It’s made to compliment an already existing printer fleet without a large investment. It offers outstanding quality prints yet priced for a limited budget, while possessing the ability to print using SUPERPOLYMERS.

The 3NTR A4sp can expend design application thanks to a wide range of 3D material compatibility. The 3NTR A4sp is designed to work 24/7, monitored via embedded camera, incorporating 3 nozzles for maximum design freedom, hot chamber to minimize warps and distortions and a carbon print plate for easy part removal. The printer can use any non-proprietary materials thanks to the included SSI software, assuring reliable results even with new users.

3D Printer


  • Printing volume (max): 295x295x200 mm / 600x325x500 mm
  • Build size: 300x171x200mm
  • Extruder #1 of 2.85
  • Extruder #2 and #3 from 1.75:
    +Kit ABS (ABS 2.85 + SSU00 1.75)
    +Kit AM200 ( AM200 + SP001 , 1.75)
  • Print Technology: FDM/FFF
  • Material Compatibility: ABS, ABS FAST, ASA, ELASTO 85 / ELASTO 95, NYLON+, GLASS+, CARBON+, PEAK AM200
  • Print Bed: Heated Carbon plate
  • Printer Dimensions: 528x515x615mm
  • Connections: remote capable
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A4SP Smart Power 


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Relevant Documents
A4SP Smart Power 
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