Smart slicer interface (SSI)

Written to give easy access to the sophisticated capabilities of 3ntr systems, SSI can handle complex print jobs, with few mouse clicks and absolute safety.
The program and printing parameters are updated almost on daily basis: all SSI users always work with the best settings!
Just print!
Complete control of polymers
While many people are still struggling with single nozzle machines, you can manage up to three polymer at the same time.
System will prevent you from mixing incompatible ones, or setting the wrong parameters, sparing you from polymer and time wasting.
Immediate access to application notes to get instant knowledge.

Multimaterial production capacity
You can assign any polymer you want to the parts being processed.
This way you can get functional parts with expected (and awesome) capabilities at first print.

Contrasted efficiency
We give you peace of mind. All of our parameters have been field tested for months, and we are refining them day in day out: you get daily updates (upon subscription) to keep your production on the forefront of technology.

SSI saves printing reports good both for service bureaus (price estimate) or industrial use (daily activity documentation).

The combination of trusted hardware with constantly update software lets you achieve highest ROI – even your accountant will be happy!

Built in SSI there is the capability to manage your fleet of 3ntr machines, be it next office door or in another timezone!

The optional webcam lets you check the printer tray before starting another job.

You can spread you workload as you want, on any available machine.