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3NTR Spectral 30

Created to address the most complex markets and the most extreme challenges of next-generation additive manufacturing, Excelencia-Tech in this high-capacity printer for all audiences.

Equipped with powerful electronic systems and temperature control systems to guarantee the printing of high performance superpolymers such as PEEK, PEAK, ULTEM and PPS with extraordinary results of functionality and aesthetics thanks to the control of the kinematics.

  • Four VENTO units manage filament drying with the lowest energy consumption while protecting them from any contamination.
  • The four nozzles can offer endless possibilities for manufacturing innovative new parts – no other additive manufacturing machine can offer this customization!
  • The Spectral 30 printer has very good thermal performance; reaching Ultem chamber temperatures™ in less than 30 minutes.
  • With our Spectral 30 the nozzles reach PEEK temperatures in less than three minutes.
  • An elegant graphical user interface allows you to have complete control over the functionalities of the machine.
  • The built-in webcam allows you to monitor the status of your print job from a distance. Our custom carbon fiber belts are easier to use, much less polluting for the environment and pay for themselves quickly with their production capacity.

Today all this translates into a clear advantage: the freedom of the customer to use our systems even in the most complicated productions and in high-tech markets such as aerospace, racing, automobiles, and oil and gas.




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Spectral 30 3NTR Catalog 


Get all the tools you need to grow your AM operation to production-scale

Leverage an uninterrupted digital thread to make your production pipeline transparent, reliable and performant.

Relevant Documents
Spectral 30 3NTR Catalog 


To ensure ultimate performance and production quality, we provide a robust range of advenced materials and filament.

Specifically picked for concept modeling, functional prototyping all the way to end use parts, they meet every exacting standard. If you don't find what you need - we will help you to produce a tailored to spec especially for your project needs



Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal.

With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by application.

Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.

STORM Modular drying unit

Modular drying unit 

STORM is the perfect match to 3ntr A2 or A4 3D printers: it brings together in a single package all the functions necessary for an uninterrupted, remotely accessible and secure service.

The STORM unit contains space for up to 3 VENTO units , a high-performance print server with webcam for remote printer control, an uninterruptible power supply to prevent power surges and guarantee machine operation even in the event of a power failure.

Correct management of polymers

Thanks to the VENTO drying units , STORM  allows you to  keep the filaments away from dust, humidity and UV rays.

Furthermore, the STORM intelligent control electronics allows to keep the polymers in the best conditions without the risk of degrading them with excessive heat.

VENTO units use the least amount of electricity possible to keep the polymers in the best conditions of use without any risk.

Remote control

STORM can integrate a print server, connected to the network, to remotely control your 3D printer via your PC or smartphone.

The control does not end there: through the webcam integrated by the print server it is also possible to monitor the progress of the work live.

A great time saver especially if there are many units to keep under control!


Professional 3D printing cannot tolerate power outages, which is why a 3Kw uninterruptible power supply is housed in STORM to keep the printer running during power outages and keep all connections active.
The UPS also minimizes damage from noise and power surgesthat can damage electronic parts.

Emission filtering

STORM has a dedicated compartment to house an F1 filter unit

Our 3D printers are closed boxes that minimize environmental dispersion, but the installation of an F1 system allows to achieve the best levels of .

Continuous monitoring

The STORM units are equipped with 3 easy-to-interpret LDC panels with intuitive controls: they allow you to monitor the status of the VENTO units and the UPS.

Universal 3D printer filter

F1 is the filter compatible with all 3ntr, A2 and A4 3D printers .
Its installation is also very simple : adding an F1 filter unit to any 3ntr printer does not require special skills (you just need to know how to use a screwdriver).
The F1 filter unit can also be housed in a STORM modular unit .

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3D printer filter

HEPA / VOC filter for 3D printers

No matter what 3D polymer you are printing with, even the safest and most bio-based ones will emit micro- and nano-particles.
The F1 filter unit for 3ntr 3D printers is equipped with an industrial HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter and is designed to minimize the emission of both nano particles (over 0.5 microns), and volatile organic compounds, for a healthier work environment.

Italian 3D printer filter

We have accepted no compromises: the F1 unit's filter cartridges are produced in Italy, for truly reliable performance.
The quality is verified according to the BIA HI / 487 guidelines .

We want to reassure you further: The emissions of 3ntr 3D printers, even without a filter unit, are 20 times lower than those of a common office laser printer / copier. With the F1 unit you will further reduce these emissions.

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