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How to Industrialize Metal 3D Printing

10AM PT / 1PM ET

Metal AM has been used for years for prototyping and even production by the companies that have the time and capital to invest. But, there are significant hurdles that keep anyone but the most dedicated from full industrial use of the technology. 

Until now - Enjoy the move to industrial 3D metal printing! Learn more by joining our upcoming webinar.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Integrating 3D Build Files into your PLM & Product Configuration Control ecosystems.
  • Reliable manufacturing through machine qualification and system standardization.
  • How the power of an intelligent Pre-Print solution fits within the existing FAI quality control frameworks.
  • Global supply chain through a multi-source, standardized metal 3D Printing network.

WIll Hasting Velo 3DWIll Hasting
Director, Aviation & Power Turbine Solutions

Link to webinar:  How to Industrialize Metal 3D Printing

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