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Massivit 10000

3D printer large format

The Massivit Tool Builder (10000) is designed to address the tooling requirements of a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, and energy that require manufacturing of large parts made of composite materials.

10000 3D large format printer Solution

The Massivit 10000 is a large format, digital, hybrid, 3D printing system that shifts the paradigm for large tooling by consolidating two technologies into one, using Massivit 3D’s  Cast-In-Motion (CIM) process.

Large tools & molds traditionally used for producing fiber-reinforced composite parts are expensive, slow-to-build, wasteful, and require extensive manual skilled labor

The 1000 brings to market enormous time- and cost-saving benefits, for the manufacturing of large tooling: 

  • Shorten production time of molds by 80%.
  • Save up to 90% of manual labor.
  • Significantly reduce tool costs.
  • Simplify production, achieve higher yield.
  • Simplify supply chain and reduce required stocks.
  • Reduce waste of expensive materials.
Composites Manufacturing

How the 10000 3D large format printer Solution Works?

  • The tool pattern is created with a sacrificial, UV-curable gel using Massivit 3D’s patented Gel Dispensing Technology (GDP). 
  • The desired tool is produced by casting any of a variety of dual-component thermoset engineering materials that closely match the mechanical and thermal process requirements. 
  • Once the 3D printed tool is immersed in water, the sacrificial pattern material breaks off, leaving the desired mold, ready to use. 


  • Design freedom allows mold production of function-oriented, intricate geometries.
  • Better and faster tool design cycle - including many features - reduces iterations.
  • Release production equipment increases overall capacity.
  • CAD part to CAD mold design enables improved accuracy, consistency and higher reliability.
  • Versatility and multiple casting materials optimize the use of the system.
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Massivit 10000 

Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal. With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by 3D application. Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.



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Massivit 10000 
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