A2v4 / A4v4 / Spectral 30 / Storm (A2v4 & A4v4 accessory) / Vento (A2v4 & A4v4 accessory)

The versatility of this printer is impressive, it can be functional in a retail store as in a polymer research laboratory; following the recommended maintenance will always be useful.

  • Constructed with stainless steel components and rugged manufacturing controls for continued performance over time.
  • Printers allow you to focus on improving production.
  • This machine stands out for its use with ABS although its use with ASA, PCABS, PA, TPU and many others is efficient with little or no deformation.
  • Maintains constant thermal conditions, from 0 to 200 mm altitude.
  • The handling of any polymer is at constant temperatures to obtain optimal results.
  • Our print heads are designed to withstand uninterrupted print jobs.
  • Our extruders range from zero to 250 ° C in 40 seconds, plus our printer offers the benefits you need for long multipolymer prints.
  • Our printing trays do not need to be chemically treated; With just one pass with acetone, it will serve you for years.
  • Also… prints leave the plate once cooled to room temperature!

  • Specification PDF