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Additive Manufacturing Solutions

One of the challenging stages in a business is the adoption of new technology, in our case 3D Additive technology, known as 3D Printing.

Industrial additive manufacturing

From 3D design concept into reality!

As a 3D consultant, I often find myself struggling with same dilemma, while trying to bring 3D design concept into reality.
It begins with the wide range of model integrity issues, down to choosing optimal technology and production method best to reflect the design intent. It is difficult to assess in advance requirements or exact cost to project completion. A great deal of confusion and guess work follows until the project is completed.

Ballistic bit is a unique company. We, at Ballistic, offer our clients a quick transition into this technology with our world class service, knowledge, and resources. It is the first 3D company that stands with the clients from start to finish, including wide range of 3D printers and associated supply, support, management software, consulting, post process and all on a 24/7 Hour basis. Contact us for more details.

3D Additive Manufacturing

Minimizing Time & Money

Our clients enjoy the close relationship we offer, from initial concept throughout the final finished and ready to market product. We begin by first choosing, from the various available 3D printing technologies, the one most suitable for the business. Next, we are establishing optimized production workflow to meet the set goals. This way our clients can achieve success from DAY 1, minimizing time and money wasted on costly learning curve.

To accomplish this, we teamed up with Excelencia-Tech located in Europe, giving our clients access to a worldwide 3D Ecosystem of knowledge and solutions. This enables us to support our clients in Europe and Israel. Excelencia-Tech offers a full line of 3D printers, geared toward a wide industrial range so we can offer an optimized solution to a client's needs and challenge.

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