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Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software
- powered by AI & ML


Any product manager in charge of a mixed technology production facility is well aware of the numerous challenges he/she must face every day. It begins with the proper IT configuration of all available machines and ends with a final product, in the hand of a happy client.

We, at Ballistic-Bit, understand these challenges and offer a viable solution geared to tackle such mixed hardware scenarios and produce a manageable, productive, automated, and profitable business workflow. 3D Control Systems offers Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software.

It simplifies and automates the entire production workflow. The unique solution offered by 3D Control Systems is one bold and effective 3D software management system. It revolutionizes the world of 3D printers by doing to the 3D printer’s world of what windows did to the PC world.

3D Control Systems is made of five main modules geared to function as one whole workflow solution for any manufacturing business production facility. It starts by creating a cloud base environment that offers fully unified, end-to-end control of all available online printers, CNC, water jet, metal cutter (whatever is configured as a resource). All, under transparent consistent, and intuitive web-based interface.

3d printer software

CRM - The first module is the CRM module where the process begins in the submission of a product to be manufactured. Within this module, job quotes are generated as well as Management and tracking of the orders, Customer Success, Tracking Expenses, Order Tracking, and Customer ROI Calculation. From the moment a designer logs into the 3D Control Systems’ cloud platform, submitting a model, depending on the production method chosen, a relevant workflow will determine proceeding expenses and steps necessary to continue downstream.

software for 3d printing

ERP - Next is the Ordering Portal, submission and management of orders centralized within one ordering platform. Supply Chain Management connects the entire supply chain for automated and distributed manufacturing. It integrates within it the following functions: Digital Part Inventory, Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing Templates (AI) Beta, Use Case Screening, Inventory Analysis, Centralized Data Storage, Printability Analysis, Orientation Optimization, Project Collaboration, Version Control, CAD Integrations, and Part Tagging.

additive manufacturing workflow

PLM - 3D Control Systems offers Digital Inventory to create and manage a digital inventory for your additive manufacturing applications, Custom Part Requirements, Automatic Order Management, Material, and Technology Comparison, Accurate Part Pricing, Custom Part Pricing, Digital Communication Streams, Distributed Manufacturing, Networks, 3D Printer Management, CNC Mill Management, Material Management, Technology Management, HR Management, and User Management.

Custom 3D Part Requirements

MES - This module is responsible for Machine Connectivity for complete traceability. There are more than 1500+ machines supported by different levels of integration. Here we can optimize to improve production output based on real-time enabling the control of multiple elements of the production process (e.g. inputs, personnel, machines, and support services). It offers Custom additive manufacturing Workflows, Smart Part Prioritization, Smart AM Farm Management, Post Processing Scheduling, Digital Production Planning, Part Sequence Tracking, Production Sheet Generation, Part Passport Generation, Quality Assurance, Machine Connectivity, and Data Standardization. 

3d printer software

QAPost-Processing & Quality Management helps to manage post-processing steps and ensure quality control. The module contains: QA Scheduling, QA Process Management, QA Equipment Management, CT Scan to CAD Comparison (AI), QA Machine Connectivity. The entire process is automatic, reducing overhead costs, allowing the printer access to many users to many printers efficiently, reliably, and safely and with minimal latency.

There is no standard method to control industrial advanced manufacturing systems from one, intuitive, safe, accessible unified platform. High-end industrial printers often come with their own customized, complicated and disparate software that usually presents an IT integration challenge. This problem is more severe than in desktop printers due to the lack of IT Standards for proper integration and setup, where the cost to develop such integration systems can be prohibitive.

3D Control Systems is used worldwide in Universities like MIT, Harvard, Cal-tech, Berkely +50 more as well as by NASA, US Navy, US Air Force as well as in enterprises like Google, Microsoft, John Deere, Bosch, and more. It successfully found itself in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Medical & Dental, Consumer, and Industrial Goods.


3D Control Systems streamlines the entire production flow by offering substantial savings of the tremendous cost associated with integrating hardware farms. Most importantly, it is driven by the customer via a clean, Intuitive, and reliable interface, leveraging simultaneously and automatically, all available hardware to a large number of users. The system monitors materials used for print as well as consumables – keeping the operation running smoothly.

3D Control Systems is not restricted to only 3D printing, it can accommodate CNC mills, CNC lathes, sheet metal bending, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, wire EDM, investment casting, urethane casting, die casting, injection molding, and more. Users enjoy an end-to-end connection to the printers with minimum latency. Statistical analysis of all activities of the operation is available, including Parts produced, on-time delivery, down to the individual machine utilization, Overall Operational Efficiency, and more.

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