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Anisoprint Aura Composite 3D Printing


Anisoprint Aura is a slicer that prepares 3D models for manufacturing parts using Composer CFC-printer as well as conventional FFF-printers.

Composite Printing - Anisoprint Aura

Aura prepares a 3D model, generates reinforcing fiber trajectories in each layer and allows to adjust reinforcement scheme to obtain strong and lightweight parts. It enables to combine micro and macro layers, making it possible to print an infill with thick layers and an external shell with thin layers. This feature results in faster printing without loss of quality. 

In case you need to print individual non-reinforced elements, Aura allows you to print small elements with FFF-nozzle without fiber. Aura is easy to use, with a stylish interface and a wide range of practical and versatile features. Aura can generate reliable supports for printing complex objects and shows the model to be printed layer by layer. Model processing is fully automated and executed using a local computer ensuring confidentiality and safety of user’s data.

How to print composite part?

check out this tutorial video:


 Learn more about: Composite 3D Printing



Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal. With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by 3D application. Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.



To ensure ultimate performance and production quality, we provide a robust range of advenced materials and filament.

Specifically picked for concept modeling, functional prototyping all the way to end use parts, they meet every exacting standard. If you don't find what you need - we will help you to produce a tailored to spec especially for your project needs

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