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Anisoprint 3D printers

Anisoprinting continuous 3D fiber printing solution

Anisoprint is offering a unique 3D printing solutions for composite 3D printing. With over of 10 years of experience in composite printing, Anisoprint makes a continuous 3D fiber printing a reality. Anisoprint’s composite solution can print parts that are 30 times stronger than plastic, yet 7 times lighter then steel. This is possible because of the fully customizable lattice and fiber layout capability unique to Anisoprint 3D printer.

This makes it possible to use 3d composite parts in many different engineering sectors. In addition to carbon fiber, Anisoprint printers are capable of using wide range of 3rd party polymers materials.


Ballistic-Bit is offering the full line of ANISOPRINT Printers to our customers for uncompromising print continues fiber quality prints while remaining compliant with commonly used polymers. Our customers enjoy our full support and experience and full access to our 3D ecosystem with24/7 support.

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