Production Chain Improvements
For a production line in the automotive, aviation and nautical sectors to be efficient, it is necessary to have a multitude of tools designed specifically for each model of vehicle to be manufactured. We are referring to tools such as cradles, positioners, robotic arm claws, etc. In this typology of industries, traditional manufacturing methods have involved clay, cardboard, metal or foam in addition to inefficient subtractive methods.

With the 3D printing offered by Ballistic Bit, we have the ability to manufacture equivalent tools, with equal or more complex designs, reducing weight and even replacing metal with plastic (high-performance and fiber-reinforced), we have a Complete range of industrial printers that will allow you to optimize your production line.

Our materials are approved and comply with the requirements requested to be products used in the sea, land and air, and meet the specific characteristics for the situations that occur during the corresponding activity.

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Large Format
With the large format 3D printers that we offer at Ballistic Bit, it is possible to manufacture first prototypes and concept cars in record time!

The size and high speed of the Massivit 3D printers allow designers to have the parts of a car body, new prototypes to improve the aerodynamics of the aircraft, create different structures to see their simulated behavior in the sea or air and other structures in real size to carry out its verification in a very short time. In the same way, technology can help us to modify the appearance of a car, an airplane or a boat, manufacturing spoilers, for example.

The different types of finish available will allow us to integrate the new piece without any difficulty.

See in the following video an example of the manufacture of a concept car by Takumi Yamamoto.