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Additive Manufacturing Center for the Israeli Market

Ballistic-Bit, a leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions for manufacturing technology, for the Israeli market. uniquely stands committed to the success of its clients. What sets Ballistic-Bit apart is its capacity to offer 24/7 support, fast response time, as well as manufacturing knowledge and experience, assuring clients' success.

Ballistic-Bit clients are spread across a wide spectrum of industries including Civil Industry, Defense Industry, Medical Supplies, Education & R + D, Design & Architecture, and large format prints. We understand & listen carefully to the Israeli market needs & demands, Our commitment to our clients’ success is expressed by providing:

israel 3d printing


  • Top priority, 24/7, super-fast response time of qualified support team engineers. This enables the client to leverage the most out of the technology and giving him a true business edge over the competition.
  • To assure minimal to no downtime, the Ballistic-Bit maintains an extensive spare parts inventory, ready for immediate deployment, as required. Proactive maintenance approach to avoid down time.
  • A customer success manager oversees every individual client – assuring mission success, from beginning to end.
  • Top end industrial portfolio – for real end use parts.

3D printing Ecosystem

  • Hardware, Software and material are just the beginning, we understand the difference between selling equipment & providing valid solutions. Our clients enjoy full support from the first day.
  • As an added benefit of available resources, Ballistic-Bit is fully capable of providing custom-made solutions tailored to client's specific demands.
  • We offer a fully digital suite to answer every stage of production like- MES + PLM + ERP + QA + CRM, Powered by AI & ML.

A committed partner to your success

  • We provide counseling & escorting plans to answer every single customer demand.
  • On-Boarding process – with years of experience, we understand the importance of planning, operating & maintaining highly productive flexible manufacturing machines. Ballistic-Bit provides classroom training to provide efficient On-Boarding process to assure mission success.
  • I.O.T approach to allow awareness to up-coming malfunction prevent maintenance & user operation errors.


Osrael 3D printing 3D printing Israel

Ballistic-Bit is proud to offer a fully automated post processing solutions to our customers. A fully automated support removal and surface finishing solution, designed to be compatible with all 3D printing solutions, both polymers and metals.

In addition, Ballistic-Bit poses a winning edge in offering its clients in Israel - a worldwide knowledge base. We partnered with Excelencia-Tech, located in Spain. This support stays with the clients as long as they need from projects start to finish. Ballistic-Bit website offers lots of information about their services and equipment. As a customer, a protected and separate personal area is available for the latest downloads, updates, support and access to the latest cutting edge solutions.

Send us an email or call +972-52-6727338 , We are waiting for you!

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