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Builder Extreme 3000 Pro

Extremely large build volume

The Extreme 3000 Pro industrial 3D Printer in designed to deliver 24/7, utilizing a large print volume of 1100x1100x820 mm for very large part printing. This exceptional large print volume gives designers the freedom to print completed parts without the need to break it into smaller elements, maintaining strength and precision. Parts removal is made very easy by removing side panels to gain access to the build plate.

The Extreme 3000 Pro includes three different nozzle diameters, 0.4, 0.8 or 1.2mm to achieve ideal balance of print speed and part quality. The printer offers a large touch display heated bed, filament detection, battery pack and auto bed leveling. The Extreme 3000 Pro materials are PLA, PET, PRO1 (ABS Replacement) and flexible filament.

Builder Extreme 3000 Pro


Printer and printing properties

  • Technology: FDM/FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Extruder: Direct drive 1.75mm
  • Printer Dimensions: 1500x1380x1550mm
  • Print Bed: Heated Aluminum plate
  • Print head: Dual extruder with one nozzle (3 nozzle diameters included)
  • Build size: 1100x1100x820 mm (XYZ)
  • Filament diameter: 1,75 mm
  • Layer height resolutions:
    0.4 mm Nozzle Diameter 0.2-0.3 layer Height
    0.8 mm Nozzle Diameter 0.2-0.7 layer Height
    1.2 mm Nozzle Diameter 0.3-0.9 layer Height
  • Print speed: Up to 300 mm/s (standard speed 80 mm/s)
    Depending on geometry of part and nozzle size
  • Travel speed: Up to 500 mm/s
  • Build plate: Heated aluminium plate up to 60°
  • Heated bed:up to 60 °C (heated in 10 minutes, 230 V)
  • Bed leveling: Automatic bed leveling
  • Feeder type: Direct drive
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 standard, 0.8 and 1.2 mm are included
  • Power rating: 1800 watts (at peak)
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Display: 7-inch full colour touchscreen
  • On-board camera: Live camera view from desktop or mobile device
  • Filament detection: Yes
  • UPS system (Uninterruptible power supply): Resumes the print after power outage
  • Safety locking system: Doors open only after print is paused
  • CE certified: Yes
  • Bed Leveling: Automatic
  • Connections: USB
  • Slicing Software Simlify 3D

Added Features:

  • Filament detection
  • Ups resume after power outage
  • Extremely big build size
  • Integrated heated bed
  • Auto Bed leveling
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