3D printers are an excellent tool for Defense and R&D sector, both public and private

3D printing for Defense provides the following benefits:

  • Design for additive manufacturing learning.
  • Part-manufacturing experimentation.
  • Different materials comparisons.
  • There are two types of 3D printers in terms of material usage; closed printers where can only be used the materials offered by the manufacturer, and open printers that allow you to work with any type of material (materials appropriate for each technology).

    The R&D sector always choses open printers, which give the end customer the freedom to select all print parameters and the possibility to work even with new materials developed by them.
    In addition, printers with multiple extruders can manufacture parts with multiple materials at once. For example, a rigid part and a flexible part, or combine plastic with continuous fibers.

    Ballistic Bit has the right open parameter multimaterial printers to fulfill every need of R&D departments.

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