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Massivit 3D Materials

Dimengel - Print super-size lightweight objects

Proprietary, instantly-curing gel developed by Massivit's materials team, Dimengel is a proprietary photo polymeric acrylic gel with several outstanding characteristics:

  • Produces a finished object that is lightweight and durable.
  • High viscosity parameters enable Massivit 1800 to produce non-vertical parts, tops, ceilings and more without the need for printing support structures.
  • UV sensitive properties enable rapid layering and rapid curing using low energy UV light.
  • Curing speed delivers “ready” objects right off the printer. No post-curing or post processing is required.
  • The final printed object is highly receptive to multiple types of finishes.

Massivit 3D

Gel Dispensing Printing

Empowering manufacturers and service providers to expedite their lead times with unique Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology.

Responding to the needs of a range of industries:

Currently, we have at our customers disposal two varieties of DIMENGEL:

  1. DIMENGEL 90
  2. DIMENGEL 100
  3. DIMENGEL 110
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