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3D Ecosystem

We tailor your industrial Additive manufacturing suits.

3D Ecosystem is the total 3D printing solutions, including the combination of 3D hardware, software, materials, with our 24/7 support, experience, and knowledge, all made available to enable our clients to leverage their investment to the fullest and provide them with a clear business edge in the additive manufacturing industry.

What is Ballistic-Bit Ecosystem?

Our 3D Ecosystem consists of 3D printing solutions, spanning the entire range of 3D additive manufacturing, accommodating the most demanding industrial requirements. It includes a wide selection of industry-standard 3D printing solutions.

We offer 3D printers spanning a wide range of 3D print material and advanced 3D software, providing designers and engineers with full control over the 3D design. This is all wrapped up with Ballistic-Bit 24/7 commitment to its client success, offering knowledge-based and experience to assist with its client's challenges.

Tailoring for your production targets, with Ballistic-Bit unique 3D Ecosystem

At Ballistic-Bit we specialize in offering our clients a complete suite of product lines, our 3D Printing Ecosystem, unlocking the true potential of 3D printing and overcoming the most challenging obstacles. This is expressed in our choice of:

How do we do it?

ecosystem 3d


Lean manufacturing

  • Specialized in engineering grade Software for the Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software: MES + PLM + ERP + QA + CRM.
  • High-Performance Materials such as PEEK, ULTEM & others.
  • high temperature industrial 3D printers can produce top performance thermoplastics. Able to print larger, better and most importantly, with optimal reliability.

3D Flexible - flexibility

  • Open-source Hardware & Software for R&D with turnkey solutions for reliable manufacture.

High standards

  • Our materials and hardware comply with a comprehensive set of ISOs covering diverse aspects. Ask us for more information.

Customer Assurance

  • We ensure our customers stay up to date, equipped and able to access support 24/7.

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