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The electric dream of Le Mans

To make a prototype electric car, a large-scale 3D printer was needed. 

3D Printed Car

With the help of Builder Extreme 1500 at Lay3rs 3D printing in Eindhoven and a second Extreme 1500 at Builder 3D Printers HQ, the student team was able to build a 3D prototype in several weeks. In total 15 parts have been 3D printed on the Builder Extreme in PLA.

Huge parts like the spoiler and rear wings were 3D printed in PLA with a 0.8mm nozzle. With a layer height of 0.4 to 0.6mm, parts were ready in a matter of days and ready for further processing. Some parts, such as the nose wing, have been cut into 2 pieces. 

Not because the printer was too small, but to use as little material as possible and print these parts efficiently. The parts were glued, sanded, and painted to look like a car that had just left the showroom. This is a perfect example of how large-scale 3D printing can help the automotive industry excel with modern technologies. By 3D printing large parts, product development and time-to-market costs can be significantly reduced. 

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