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Excelencia-Tech offices

Excelencia-Tech offices are located at ESADE Creapolis, in a kind city near to Barcelona called Sant Cugat. 

In our office you will be able to find a great and open space for Excelencia-Tech employees and its Showroom.

There you will be able to see most of the brands that we offer since we have several printers in there to be able to develop our own samples and our customers’ requests.

Our Showroom have ;A2v4 printer from 3ntr, Anisoprint Composer A4, Galaxy 500 from ATMAT, INTAMSYS PRO410, Builder 1500 PRO and recently incorporated our Method from Makerbot.

One of the printers that we cannot have in our showroom are those fabricated by Massivit 3d, those printers is where the giants are created! 

The Excelencia-Tech offices are always available to our clients to better understand our products and see what our 3D printers are capable of.

Send us an email or call +972-52-6727338, We are waiting for you!

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