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HEPA / VOC filter for 3D printers

No matter what 3D polymer you are printing with, even the safest and most bio-based ones will emit micro- and nano-particles.
The F1 filter unit for 3ntr 3D printers is equipped with an industrial HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter and is designed to minimize the emission of both nano particles (over 0.5 microns), and volatile organic compounds, for a healthier work environment.

Italian 3D printer filter

We have accepted no compromises: the F1 unit's filter cartridges are produced in Italy, for truly reliable performance. The quality is verified according to the BIA HI / 487 guidelines .

We want to reassure you further: The emissions of 3ntr 3D printers, even without a filter unit, are 20 times lower than those of a common office laser printer / copier. With the F1 unit you will further reduce these emissions.

HEPA / VOC filter

Universal 3D printer filter

F1 is the filter compatible with all 3ntr, A2 and A4 3D printers.
Its installation is also very simple: adding an F1 filter unit to any 3ntr printer does not require special skills (you just need to know how to use a screwdriver). The F1 filter unit can also be housed in a STORM modular unit.


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