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Flow™ Pre-Print Software

Process Aware, Simulation Driven
Print Preparation Software


Assure™ Quality Assurance
and Control System

Flow™ Software ensures predictable print outcomes while reducing preparation time. Driven by an integrated simulator and co-developed with Sapphire®, Flow enables parts not previously possible with Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Flow™ Software eliminates the frustration of print preparation

  • A faster workflow that preserves the designer’s intent.
  • Fewer print errors and a streamlined, simplified user experience.

Manufacture Any Design - Deliver On AM’s Biggest Promise

Flow™ enables SupportFree for metal; VELO3D’s unique ability to print low angles, large diameters and inner diameters without supports. It overcomes historical limitations so engineers are free to innovate and accelerate product performance.

Deliver Predictable Print Outcomes

An integrated simulation engine predicts print outcome and applies print deformation correction to the part, assuring that the part will print exactly as designed the first time and every time in production.

Accelerate Print Preparation with Flow Native CAD Workflow

Flow™ Pre-Print Software native CAD workflow, helps engineers preserve the design intent. It makes metal 3D printing more accessible by integrating smart tools that help users with orientation strategy, support generation, print simulation, persurface process application, and process review.



Print True to Design
Flow is the first and only print preparation software that delivers a print outcome based on the designer’s intent.
With native CAD workflow, users seamlessly translate the original design into print instructions. Users can optimize for target cost and quality parameters by surface.

Native CAD Print Preparation
The simple, intuitive Flow UI provides unprecedented ease of use. By retaining CAD’s capabilities, it makes cumbersome
processes fast and easy. Flow also supports workflows with topologically-optimized and generatively-designed parts.

Simulation Engine
Process-aware simulation in Flow can correct for build deformation and post-processing issues before the build even begins,
leading to typical first-print success of 90 percent.

Flow has a sophisticated composer that detects geometric features and applies an optimized process to those features, delivering predictable print outcomes. Unlike other slicing software, geometric feature detection uses information from previous layers to define print strategy for the next layer.
Flow Process Review lets you review the applied processes, laser assignment, and print order in 3D or 2D slices, prior to printing, assuring that the printer does what you specified.

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Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal.

With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by application.

Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.



Get all the tools you need to grow your AM operation to production-scale

Leverage an uninterrupted digital thread to make your production pipeline transparent, reliable and performant.

Assure™ Quality Assurance & Control System

Assure™ Quality Assurance
and Control System


Provides unprecedented traceability of machine health, part integrity, and build reporting.

Working in concert with Sapphire® and Flow™, Assure, a revolutionary quality control system, enables visibility into every layer of the build through real-time, multisensor, physics-based excursion detection algorithms.

Assure™ validates printed part quality to provide the transparency needed for volume production

Pre-build System Calibration

Assure™ helps you understand if machine health is optimal before a build begins. Assure monitors optics, sensors,consumables, and powder bed quality, and displays the data directly on the dashboard for all printers.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Assure™ enables engineers to track the quality and progress of Sapphire machines real-time via Assure’s secure, on-site servers.

In-Situ Defect Detection
Assure™ substantiates the part quality needed for volume production by predicting bulk material properties, in real-time, for each part.

Detailed Build Report

Assure™ automatically generates a build report that can form the foundation of a Certificate of Compliance. This report offers full traceability of system performance and any predicted part defects during the build.

Part Quality
In real time, Assure predicts bulk material properties for each part through a multi-sensor defect detection system. Print health
is determined by combining data from multiple sensors, including meltpool emission monitoring, and X, Y and Z mapping
of the powder bed to provide a reliable real-time indication of part quality. Assure™ also provides a detailed build report for
each part after the print completes. This quality control system accelerates the move to production by verifying part-to-part
consistency to enable ramp-up.

Printer Health
Assure™ tracks and reports Sapphire’s ‘pre-flight’ check prior to each build, ensuring that parameters are within specification.
During a build, the system validates that critical parameters such as powder bed health, consumables, chamber atmosphere,
and optics, stay in spec. All together, these checks validate that the Sapphire printers are ready to print and stay within
specification during a print.

Operational Performance
VELO3D‘s Assure™ Quality Assurance and Control System, also offers many tools to help manage the factory floor. Assure provides a dashboard that tracks each
printer’s health and printer performance metrics. Engineers will be able to focus in on utilization trends, system availability
data, consumables status, and advanced analytics. Each build includes a detailed build report that contains part quality data
and printer health results for the part. With this set of information, VELO3D is making it easier to qualify parts with less effort
and to move AM into production.

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