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Industrial 3D Printing - A New Level of Design Freedom

Industrial 3D Printers Solutions Challenge, meet versatility.

We offer the Massivit 3D Printer with a Mammoth print volume of 145cm x 111cm x 180cm, using specially formulated high speed UV curable print material, as well as the ATMAT hosting a 2000x2000x1000mm of print volume, using polymers.

Composite material prints are available on the Anisoprint line for extremely light and durable parts.


Our industrial proven 3NTR 3D printers host a wide verity of such as ABS, ABS ESD+, ABS HD, ABS FAST, PC ABS, PETG, ASA, ELASTO 85 / ELASTO 95, ZWAX, IGLIDUR, NYLON+, GLASS+, CARBON+, nPOWER. High temperature parts can be printed, using 3NTR Spectral 30 printers using materials like PEEK, PEAK, ULTEM and PPS.

The Builder lineup offers a large FDM printer volume (1000x1000x820mm some model) with a wide range of polymers print material.

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