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Large format additive manufacturing

3d Printer for Large Objects

With the large format 3D printers that we offer at Ballistic-Bit, it is possible to manufacture first prototypes and concept cars in record time!

The size and high speed of the Massivit 3DBuilder & ATMAT 3D printers allow designers to have the parts of a car body, new prototypes to improve the aerodynamics of the aircraft, create different structures to see their simulated behavior in the sea or air and other structures in real size to carry out its verification in a very short time. In the same way, technology can help us to modify the appearance of a car, an airplane or a boat, manufacturing spoilers, for example. 
The different types of finishing available will allow us to integrate the new piece without any difficulty.

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As a LFAM (large format additive manufacturing) 3D printing equipment distributor, Ballistic Bit has the most experience and most suitable large format additive manufacturing solutions.

In compare to the high investment associated with traditional tooling, Large-scale additive manufacturing (AM) deliver cost efficiencies along with better quality and accuracy.

Large-scale AM technology is more accessible for companies to deploy on a production basis, due to advances in metals & polymers 3D printing technology and workflow software along with new materials (Materials for 3D printing) and lower-cost printer options are making.

That’s especially important as part of marketing and distribution efforts ramp up and customer demands.

Companies in several industries like aerospace and automotive are beginning to understand the value in trading up traditional manufacturing practices for large-scale AM technologies.

The ability to 3D print large parts either in-house or through a specialized AM company, significantly shortens & introduce significant savings, like waiting for a third-party player to create custom tooling, or shipping parts overseas for production.

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