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Large Format 3D Printing benefits

Large-format 3D printers offer special benefits to additive industrial manufacturing. Large format FDM 3D printers are affordable, easy to maintain, and can accelerate 3D rapid prototyping, print specialized tooling, and end-user products at real world scale. 3D printers offering wide material compatibility can produce parts with better mechanical properties suitable for more advanced applications while requiring minimal post-processing.

In general, the time it takes to develop an idea into a final product can be shortened when large-format 3D printing is available to test the parts at a 1:1 scale. Large parts printing saves costs while giving the designers full creative freedom right at the design stage, all the way to the final product. Fit –testing of the final parts/project is simplified and testing duration is shortened, accelerating the design and manufacturing of the final product.

Ballistic-bit is proud to offer a large-format 3D printer's line, design by Builder 3D to optimize additive manufacturing solutions when the requirements demand printing large parts, including parts made of quality engineering material.

Large-format 3D printing benefits:

  • Shortens time from idea to a full-scale prototype, compared to manual techniques.
  • Substantial product development and time to market costs saving.
  • Complete creative Freedom designing unique geometries and tailor-made products. The ability to perform fit-testing on the prototype of the final part/product.
  • Shortening design and manufacturing processes.
  • Traditionally, manually made parts are expensive and take longer to complete. Large scale 3D printing reduces manual labor, time, and costs to reach the final product.

Builder is a Dutch company 3D Printers specializing in large format 3D printers, offering a minimum build volume of 700x700x820mm, and up to 1100x500x820mm (LxWxH). Builder 3D printers are all built to an industrial 24/7 full capacity production standards, their printers integrate innovative dual-feed extruders for dual-color prints or continuous monoprints (selected models).

All printers include 3 different diameter nozzles, for optimized speed/quality. Builder 3D printers (selected models) are compatible with printing engineering materials like PLA, ABS, PET-G, NYLON CF15, ASA and more, for final product manufacturing at a high speed and optimized quality.

Large format 3D printing case studies:

Saneux, toiletry manufacture using Builder Extreme for printing 1:1 scale prototypes:

3D Toiletry manufacture

Saneux has been using 3D prints at 1:1 scale as part of their manufacturing and parts development while creating specialized molds to effectively reduce coats and speed up time to market of their products line. Above is a 3D printed sink on BUILDER Extreme 3D printer, as part of the company product inspection and mold development procedure.

Eventuri is developing custom intake solutions for top tier performance cars:

Custom 3D solutions

Eventuri, is specializing in high-performance cars intake design, shaped with the intent of squeezing the last Horse Power from top tier cars. Eventuri is constantly optimizing bespoke intake solutions which bring genuine power and torque increases.

Etergo uses large format 3D printer to design 100% electric AppScooter:

3D Electric AppScooter

Etergo is developing a fully electric scooter boasting an extended range and speed. The scooter comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and can safely run Android apps.

3D Car engineCar engine Intake manifold 3D printed on a builder 3D printer at 1:1 scale, allowing for accurate part fitting, function and air flow characteristics. All these aspect can only be measured using part at 1:1 scale, while leveraging large format 3D printer.

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