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Witness the speed of large format 3D printing

In the first minute in this video above, you will see how quickly MLB, the best Korean sports fashion brand, was able to print a giant baseball player. The powerful brand had used ready-made mannequins for their previous in-store campaigns, but this time they had a tight deadline and a specific concept in mind. His print shop, PrintHpole, suggested leveraging large-format 3D printing to create a custom point-of-purchase display of a giant baseball player at bat, awaiting his release.

Using a Massivit 3D printer, PrintHpole created a 2.6m tall reproduction according to the precise design, concept and feel requested by F&F, and everything was printed in less than 13 hours. The process was quick and the results were remarkable. The result is much better than we expected.  We loved the high quality and how this technology facilitated design and finishing flexibility.

Using a Massivit 3D printer PrintHpole created a 2.6m tall reproduction according to the precise design.

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