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Massivit 1800 3D printer

The Flagship Large 3D Printer

The Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer is the first of its kind to produce super-size, crowd-stopping signage, displays, and props for visual communication. Offering unprecedented printing speed, it is designed to enable business growth through scalability of printing heads and versatile 3D printing materials.



  • No. of printing heads: 1 or 2, with option to scale

Unprecedented printing speed:

  • 300 mm/sec linear speed
  • 35cm /13.7 on Z axis per hour*
  • Printing quality: Normal/ Quality/ High Resolution
  • Maximum printing volume: 145cm x 111cm x 180cm or 57” x 44” x 70”
  • Supported materials: Proprietary Dimengel 100
  • Integrated software: Massivit SMART Slicer (purchased separately)


Get all the tools you need to grow your AM operation to production-scale

Leverage an uninterrupted digital thread to make your production pipeline transparent, reliable and performant.



Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal. With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by 3D application. Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.

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