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Massivit 5000

Large-Volume 3D Printer, Custom Manufacturing at Unprecedented Speed

Experience unprecedented production speed for full-scale prototypes, molds, and parts. Massivit 3D printing systems comprise robust, large-volume 3D hardware, easy, live monitoring via internal cameras and computer vision, user-friendly software, advanced slicing algorithms, and a range of photo polymer materials.

Massivit 5000 Benefits:

  • 30x Times Faster Than Other Technologies.
  • Produce full-scale prototypes, molds, and custom parts within a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks.

The Massivit 5000 offers new resolutions and printing material for higher definition, greater model fidelity, as well as faster production of large, robust parts. The dual material mechanism now lets you simultaneously print with a different material on each print head according to application requirements, bringing greater workflow efficiency.

A new camera on the print head leverages advanced image recognition for more efficient, automated cleaning only when required. Advanced slicing features now enable automated file preparation, and an additional 40” flat panel screen provides easy monitoring via 3 internal cameras that can also be used for marketing purposes. Enjoy the new, elegant look & feel!



Get all the tools you need to grow your AM operation to production-scale

Leverage an uninterrupted digital thread to make your production pipeline transparent, reliable and performant.

Relevant Documents
Massivit 3D Product Brochure 


Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal. With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by 3D application. Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.

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