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Massivit 3D Printers

Large Scale 3D printing takes off with MASSIVit 3D

Printing Big: Speed, Size, and Geometry Freedom for 100+ Applications with Large 3D Printing.

The revolutionary promise of 3D printing has for the past decade inspired countless people to dream of a post-scarcity, post-pollution future where anything, literally anything, can be manufactured with minimal labor, material and energy input. But although 3D printing has increased in sophistication, truly industrial scale printing requires something more.

It requires innovative manufacturing approaches enabling optimal hardware, software, material and additive manufacturing workflow software solutions to slingshot R&D into industrial scale production in multiple applications and marker verticals. It requires an ability to think outside the box. To think big. To think about truly large-scale 3D printing.

MASSIVit large size 3d printers Benefits:

  • Unprecedented 3D printing speed.
  • Super-size printing capacity.
  • Geometry freedom for curves and customization.
  • Variable in-printing resolution.
  • Remote operations and monitoring.

The Massivit printers are this large-scale given form. Offering over a hundred applications (3D POP displays, props, and selfie points, 2D/3D billboards and signage, innovative window displays, 3D molds for thermoforming, channel letters and 3D logos, custom-shaped SEG frames (soft signage), and personalized pop-up stores and booths). The Massivit large size 3d printers offer unprecedented speed, versatility, capacity, customization, and remote operations and monitoring options.

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Massivit 3D

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