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Design-friendly with minimal waste

Advanced concrete construction


Massivit 3D Advanced concrete construction

It is also very straightforward to create disposable molds for plaster and concrete by utilizing thin shells. When compared to sand molds, it is far easier to handle lightweight plastic shells, which are also translucent in order to see inaccuracies during pouring. What is vital to understand is that most companies or manufacturers demonstrate the final result but neglect to expose other intermediary steps in the process which can make production significantly easier.

Massivit 3D printing technology

One of the key benefits of the Massivit 3D printing technology is the limited amount of support structures required during production. This significantly adds value towards a more sustainable construction solution.

One of its software features goes one step further and is pivotal when it comes to the quality of the final output. The user is able to toggle between creating micro support on the outside or inside of the mold, depending on the end result they are aiming for.

Complex concrete shapes created with molds made on Massivit 3D printers.

Massivit SMART software feature, enabling creation of micro support either inside or outside the part.
This allows for inspiring new cement mold ideas.

What about construction regulations?

Construction-grade additive manufacturing systems that directly print concrete structures are, for the most part, far from meeting the strict regulations required in construction across the globe. In contrast, 3D printed molds provide a myriad of environmental and design benefits, without needing to comply with local regulations.

Social complexities of advanced concrete construction

Whilst most look at 3D printing from the engineering perspective and focus on its inherent geometric freedom, I challenge people to fully understand the complexities of the industries in which they wish to gain traction, with 3D printing. The innovation in the construction industry has not been plateauing without a reason for decades. If you dive into any concrete construction magazine, you’ll be exposed to a complex maze of regulations, politics, stakeholders, and lobbyists.

The Greater Good

3D printing concrete does gain a lot of momentum in the media, but if it became a threat to existing jobs, it would have a tough time creating an impact. In order to truly create a meaningful impact on the gigantic concrete construction industry, one must be able to find solutions which add value to as many beneficiaries as possible in order to gain traction.


Massivit 3D printing technology

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