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Post Process

Most 3D manufactured parts coming off the printer still require further processing before reaching the end user. Traditional post processing methods are expensive and time consuming, cannot meet large volume demands, and are prone to breakage. Automating the cleanup process of the freshly 3d printed parts can reduce substantially man work hours and achieve a higher reliability of the printed parts along with producing consistent results, no matter what technology was used to create it.

An automated post processing solution is capable of reliable support removal, produce attractive finish without parts breakage, in large volumes and minimal processing time, while meeting quality requirements and sticking to deadlines. It offers an ideal solution for parts printed in the following technologies: SLS, FDM, SLA, POLYJET CLIP, MJF, DLP and DMLS+SLM+DED, and reduces expenses by having a single worker monitor the post-process procedure, enhances workflow and parts quality.

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