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Sapphire® 3D Printer

Laser Powder Bed Fusion Metal Additive Manufacturing System

VELO3D's Sapphire® is the next generation laser powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing system designed for SupportFree metal 3D printing.

Velo Additive Manufacturing Production-Level

The VELO3D Sapphire® system is designed from the ground up with high volume manufacturing in mind. It comprises a 315 mm diameter by 400 mm height build envelope, with high throughput dual kW laser operation.

Built for Real-World Manufacturing

To maximize productivity, Sapphire features an integrated in-situ process metrology that enables first-of-a-kind closed loop melt pool control.

Unlimited Design Innovation

While conventional 3D printing systems often require supports for any geometry below 45°, VELO3D’s Sapphire uniquely enables engineers to realize designs with overhangs down to 0° (horizontal), and large inner diameters without supports.

You’re just one part away!

In just a short year, 3D Printing has changed enormously. Today, the obsolescence of a few rules combined with a semiconductor quality mindset have changed the game.

Velo 3D

Metal 3D printing


The VELO 3D Sapphire® 3D Printer represents the next generation in metal laser powder bed fusion for additive manufacturing. While conventional systems often require supports for any surface below 45 degrees, Sapphire uniquely enables manufacturers to realize designs with overhangs lower than 10 degrees.

Sapphire is designed from the ground up with high volume manufacturing in mind and features an integrated in-situ process metrology that enables the first and only closed loop melt pool control.

Additive Manufacturing: Production-Level

Enabling SupportFree Geometries:

  • Low angles down to 10 degrees (vs 45 degrees with conventional AM) enables impossible geometries and significantly less post processing.
  • Large inner diameters up to 40 mm (vs 10 mm with conventional AM) enables manifolds, volutes and crossovers.
  • High aspect ratios up to 500:1 (vs 8:1 with conventional AM) enables high performance heat exchangers and assemblies.

Made for Production:

  • In-situ metrology sensors reduce variances between builds, parts, and machines.
  • Non-contact recoater eliminates risk of part collision protecting both the build and the recoater.
  • Complete documentation and traceability of system calibration and build performance.
  • Unique closed loop melt pool control enables low angle skins and improves process stability.

Laser and Optics Fidelity:

  • In-situ, automatic optics metrology and calibration.
  • Non-fouling laser window (no cleaning required).

Powder Bed Uniformity:

  • Non-contact recoater.
  • Per-layer 3D powder bed height mapping.
  • Powder reservoir sufficient for two full builds.

Environmental Control:

  • Sub-10 ppm O2 during normal operation.
  • Active humidity monitoring.
  • Ambient temp and pressure operation.
  • Chamber gas flows highly regulated.
  • High efficiency spatter removal during recoat.
  • Moisture dried from powder continuously.
  • Build volume: 315 mm diameter x 400 mm
  • Lasers: Dual 1 kW laser operation
  • Laser class: Class 1 Laser Product
  • Available materials: IN718, Ti6Al4V
  • Typical throughput: Up to 60 cc/hr
  • Typical surface finish: 5-15 μm Sa


Our portfolio is based on high end industrial solutions.

Using top end Polymers, fiber reinforced composites metal. With a long list of advantages to each solution covering a wide range of the specific needs by 3D application. Durable, reliable precise tool set alongside of uncompromised service - assuring your success.

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