A2v4 / A4v4 / Spectral 30 / Storm (A2v4 & A4v4 accessory) / Vento (A2v4 & A4v4 accessory)

Created to address the most complex markets and the most extreme challenges of next-generation additive manufacturing, Excelencia-Tech in this high-capacity printer for all audiences.

  • Equipped with powerful electronic systems and temperature control systems to guarantee the printing of high performance superpolymers such as PEEK, PEAK, ULTEM and PPS with extraordinary results of functionality and aesthetics thanks to the control of the kinematics.
  • Four VENTO units manage filament drying with the lowest energy consumption while protecting them from any contamination.
  • The four nozzles can offer endless possibilities for manufacturing innovative new parts – no other additive manufacturing machine can offer this customization!
  • The Spectral 30 printer has very good thermal performance; reaching Ultem chamber temperatures ™ in less than 30 minutes.
  • With our Spectral30 the nozzles reach PEEK temperatures in less than three minutes.
  • An elegant graphical user interface allows you to have complete control over the functionalities of the machine.
  • The built-in webcam allows you to monitor the status of your print job from a distance.
  • Our custom carbon fiber belts are easier to use, much less polluting for the environment and pay for themselves quickly with their production capacity.
  • Today all this translates into a clear advantage: the freedom of the customer to use our systems even in the most complicated productions and in high-tech markets such as aerospace, racing, automobiles, and oil and gas.

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    Video of Spectral 30 3D Printer