A2v4 / A4v4 / Spectral 30 / Storm (A4v2 & A4v4 accessory) / Vento (A2v4 & A4v4 accessory)

It is the perfect match for 3ntr machines.

  • It bundles all the necessary functions for uninterrupted service.
  • Storm is a modular printer – you can start with a basic pedestal and add desired options later.
  • Own 3KW UPS to keep printer and network alive during power outages.
  • A high-performance print server with webcam allows you to control the machine from anywhere.
  • Up to three VENTO units can be housed to manage production with the best quality.
  • The HEPA/VOC filter will avoid environmental dispersion of powder and fumes.
  • All relevant controls are on the front of the unit, within immediate reach of the user.