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Velo 3D Software Solutions

Simulation Driven Print Preparation Software


Process Aware, Simulation Driven Print Preparation Software

  • Flow™ - ensures predictable 3D print outcomes while significantly reducing print preparation time. Driven by a powerful, integrated simulation engine and co-developed with sapphire 3D printer, Flow unlocks parts not previously possible with Additive Manufacturing (AM Solution).
  • Assure™ - Quality Assurance and 3D Control System

Native CAD Print Preparation

Flow’s simple, intuitive UI provides unprecedented ease of use. By retaining CAD design intent, it makes cumbersome processes fast and easy. Flow also supports workflows with topologically optimized and generatively designed parts.

In Depth Process Library

VELO3D’s in depth process library eliminates the need to develop new process parameter sets for parts. With over two dozen standardized recipes, engineers can analyze the part and have FLOW automatically apply the right recipe for the part feature at the push of a button. This saves months of development time and reduced the need for specialized technicians.

Easy to Use Interface

Orient and support your part with ease. Leverage Smart Selection capabilities to quickly apply surface specific instructions to part features to optimize the build for quality and economics.


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