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Become the leading provider for innovative solutions and technologies in Israel for unique 3D Printing and additive manufacturing offering across different applications and market verticals. Offering hardware, software,materials and workflow management solutions for scaling from R&D into production.
We focus on excellency in everything we do, growing with our customer’s and enable their success.

Mission Statement

Accelerate and grow the digital printing additive manufacturing technology adoption rates, by helping our customers build sustainable, unique and profitable businesses as well as new offerings to their existing and new customers.
Our mission is to allow our customers win more projects in 3D allowing their customers to generate higher impact branding in the market and improve their supply chain, cost structeure and time-to-market.

Value Proposition

Extensive 20 years experience in enabling the transformation of analogue industries into digital printing from within labels, packaging, commercial, textile and 3d printing. Offering strong product portfolio between hardware, consumables, materials and technical services.

360º Marketing Support

We are investing heavily in generating demand from brand print buyers, designers and advertising agencies for the unique applications the products we sell can produce, with the strategic intent to allow our customer produce more jobs and grow their busineses due to our 360 degrees marketing efforts.

Our Passion

We are passionate about our customers offering them innovative technologies which creates unique business opportunities for them while enabling unique new business models which saves costs, time and remove technological barriers, eventually enabling their success and growth. We do so with Passion and through our passionate, talented and professional team.

Sustainability Responsibility

Ballistic Bit considers sustainability and environmental responsibility a core value and a social purpose.
The use of 3D technologies enables energy, material and time savings converted into cost saving and better overall cost structure, as well as reducing dependence on distant suppliers and logistical implications – thereby reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution.


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